Recruiting for the Golf Industry

The Asia-Pacific region of the world presents the most enticing opportunity for individuals in the golf industry of any place in the world at this time. The golf community is set to grow exponentially given the large number of ambitious courses that are being developing as we speak. If you’re involved or are looking to become apart of this exciting process, it would be wise to strongly consider utilizing the aid of an experienced recruiting agency.

In addition to possessing the necessary niche-specific knowledge of the game and its industry’s inner-workings, recruiters possess valuable connections built over years that could plug you into your dream job in a matter of weeks. At Asian GCSAA, we understand the difficulties and frustrations that come along with the rugged nature of the golfing industry. Trust us, no one understands this better. This is why we suggest you speak with your local recruiting agency today. In the end you have nothing to lose, and stand much to gain. It’s an exciting time in the world right now for individuals looking to get into this wonderful industry, don’t let it go to waste.

Whittier Trust Company: Committed to Serving Families

The Whittier Trust Companies (WTC) is a leading independent private trust company that focuses on protecting, enhancing, and perpetuating the wealth of high net worth clients throughout the United States and several foreign countries.

Established more than 75 years ago, WTC is entrusted to manage and consult on more than $8 billion in assets for families in more than 30 states. With offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Reno, and Seattle, the firm is now among the leading private trust and wealth management companies in the country. Whittier Trust Companies is recognized for its disciplined and comprehensive approach to protecting wealth, creating asset growth, and providing their clients with options for an fluid transition of assets to future generations. Enveloped into these investment philosophies is the Whittier Trust Companies’ commitment to assigning an average of only 20 client relationships to each client contact officer. This ensures frequent communication and individualized service at a level rarely matched by other wealth management services firms.

“The Whittier Trust Companies has experienced outstanding growth during the past,” said Michael J. Casey, president and CEO. “By hiring experienced executives, and promoting a number of our seasoned executives, WTC is well-positioned to build on our commitment to meet and exceed the diverse needs of our high net worth clients.”

Established in 1935 as the family office to the Whittier family, which was known for their role in the development of Beverly Hills and for the management and operation of Belridge Oil Company, the Whittier Trust Companies of today is the largest, independently owned family office headquartered on the West Coast. And though the company has grown to great new heights, their commitment to provide personalized services for families has not. WTC offers their clients both tailored services, as well as personal attention. In fact, they provide one of the industry’s best client-to-advisor ratios of 20 to 1.

With more than 75 years of experience serving high net worth families, Whittier Trust Companies’ family office services can assist with: business advisory, client administration, concierge services, custody services, wealth education, business succession planning, family governance, art advisory services, coordination of all advisors, and insurance evaluation and coordination.

The Whittier Trust Companies work closely with families to develop a personalized charitable giving strategy that meet their unique needs, vision and passions. WTC advisors also collaborate with clients’ attorneys and CPAs to ensure that charitable goals are integrated seamlessly with financial, tax, and estate plans.

WTC team members partner with families to create their mission statement and define their charitable goals. This often leads to conversations regarding values and legacy. Whittier Trust Companies can also assist in establishing foundation governance, including a board of directors, bylaws, and governance policies.

In addition, WTC can help ensure that younger generations are educated about the fundamentals of financial and investment management, as well as their significant responsibilities as good stewards for the future. Also, advisement services can include wealth education programs to better inform directors and trustees of their fiduciary responsibilities and share best practices related to foundation administration. When requested, we facilitate family or board retreats to foster more effective communication and establish or refine foundation mission statements, bylaws, and/or grant-making guidelines.

Building a Golf Empire Overseas from the States

One of the most common themes among prestigious businessman today is there desire to immigrate to the United States and expands their companies. Unfortunately, given the current immigration laws here in the states, this can be an extremely long and arduous process if you don’t explore all your options. If you’re a wealthy businessman, the quickest and most efficient way of obtaining your visa is through the E2 visa. At the Asian GCSAA, we communicate with a number of sucessful golf-course owners who immigrated to the US by way of an E2 Visa.

The main requirement is an investment in a new or existing company in the US that will create jobs, and positively contribute to the company and the countries economic state. Often times in this business, the big time players who own multiple golf courses in Europe or Asia, like to bring their entire families over with them to the USA in order to begin expanding. The visa takes care of their entire family, granting each of them citizenship unless they’re over the age of 21. It’s really a no brainer if you’re considering immigrating to the US and possess the necessary resources.

Headhunters in the Golf Industry

Managing a premiere level golf course is no walk in the park. The job can get quite hectic without the right staff; something that is to be expected when you’re responsible for the aesthetic perfection of so much real estate. In the golf industry, you simply can’t afford to deal with irresponsible or mediocre staff. At Asian CGCSAA we’ve spoken and provided counsel to a number of individuals managing top-level golf courses who were experienced difficulty maintaining a sucessful, competent staff. Each time we recommended the use of an experience headhunter such as headhunters in Atlanta, and each time we’ve received a call weeks later from the manager thanking us for the advice.

Due to the widespread demand for headhunters in nearly all relevant industries, you’ll have no problem finding one that specializes in your specific niche regardless of how unique it may be. For example, all the managers in which we referred headhunters to, were referred to those who had previously carved a name for themselves in world of golf recruiting. Given this, you’ll be able to use the lingo and rest assured that you and your recruiter are on the same page at any time.